Monday, April 10, 2017

Daily Shenanigans

A little glimpse of what we do at home sometimes. I'm experimenting with zoodles and spoodles, Tyler is finishing up a 6 week weight loss challenge and has lost 20 lbs just by counting his calories. I feel so guilty for enjoying all the carbs and other things that I eat but I tried his way of salad with no dressing, and thought about plain cheerios and couldn't do it. I've increased my workout classes to two a day and i'm seeing minimal results but hey, baby steps, right?

Carson is in the phase of putting hats and buckets on his head and at least twice a day he runs into something because of whatever is on his head. He is also into putting on shoes so Landon and Kayley's shoes end up everywhere in the house. He has been known to lose his mind every time the shoe he was wearing would fall off because it was too big,oh Carson...

A big announcement for our family in the last few weeks, Landon and Kayley have worked so hard and passed off all 13 Articles Of Faith. If you don't know what that even means, the 13 Articles of Faith are 13 statements of our basic beliefs in the LDS(Mormon) church. Some are longer than others but the kids have practiced and practiced and dare I say, they have practiced some more until they were confident enough to pass them off. It is incredible as a mom to see what your children can achieve especially when it comes to spiritual matters. Landon turned five in February and Kayley will be 4 at the end of September and they have been able to memorize these statements. Landon told me he sings them at child watch sometimes and we have walked through stores with both of them belting them out. I want my children to know how much the gospel of Jesus Christ means to me, and my sweet mother in law sent the kids a letter saying that they will remember them their entire lives and they will be a help to them. It is so true, I know that my kids will remember this time in their life, not just because they will earn a giant cookie for it but in their times of confusion and need, they can draw on what they know to be true.

The kiddos have started gymnastics and let's just say that it's a hit. They have also started soccer and Landon had his little separation anxiety episode but then he was totally fine and loved practice then he was a beast in his game. He told me his team needs him and if the coach wants him to take a rest he won't because he wants to help his team. He and his little buddy Taylor from his team last year were so cute just giggling and chatting while they waited for the ball to come back their way, they were the defenders of the goal so they couldn't chase the ball like the other kids. I am so impressed with the sports program at the Y, it is so organized, and the kids who participate all seem to love it. My kids love it and that's enough for me. Kayley did seem to think she was running really fast during her game but somehow I don't remember that and only remember her just walking while sucking her thumb to where the ball was. I'm just grateful she didn't quit and kept going though I may have bribed her with pretzels at every water break...well, I'll call it a win.

Our garden is sprouting something...i'm pretty sure it may be the beans I planted because they are popping up in a nice row....hopefully what the kids planted will start coming up soon or I will have to re-plant zucchini and pumpkins.

We visited a lady in our ward who is celebrating a birthday today and she so graciously took us on a tour of the animals they keep on their property. It was amazing and my kids loved it and we were given some fresh eggs which Landon declared to be the best eggs ever. We are grateful for the wonderful people we know.