Monday, March 27, 2017


How are we doing in Evansville, Indiana?
I'd have to say we are loving it so far. The first few months for Landon were rough without all of the buddies he had in Iowa but hey, he has adjusted quickly and now claims Indiana is better than Iowa. Sorry kid, I still have to say I miss having a Costco close by like I did in Iowa. But, I do love Indiana. I love that this winter was so mild and I know it isn't normal but I'll take it. We are so blessed to be homeowners which I guess is a curse too because there is always a running list of things our house needs and we have a long list of things to do before we sell in a few years. The kids are starting to enjoy the backyard more and they take stuffed animals out and play animal rescue which is just throwing their animals in the trees and getting them down. Carson enjoys chasing a ball or two around the yard and begs to be outside every chance he can get. There are kids in our neighborhood but...really....not any for Landon and Kayley to play with but we are spoiled by our elderly and older neighbors who bring us treats and are so excited to chat with the kids when they see us outside.
Landon is enjoying preschool, when I say enjoying I mean he is loving preschool and always asks if it's a preschool day. The preschool he goes to is pretty amazing and I am completely happy with it and am sending Kayley this fall now that she's old enough. Poor girl has a "just past the cut off date birthday." Landon has done soccer once and loved it so we are going to try it again through the Y which is incredibly organized when it comes to soccer. He refuses to try to read but he'll get it when he's ready. He is still snuggly and cuddly and loving and has been throwing little crying fits at the Y the last few times i went but this last time I handed him over and he was fine in a few minutes. I guess now that he's five he's having attachment issues at the Y? I think it's selective because he's fine everywhere else and has no problem letting me leave. I relish a new challenge, bring it on Landon. He has learned 9/13 articles of faith and is hopefully going to pass off the last 4 after General Conference. We told our Primary class of 10 year olds that Landon has tied some of them and now there's a challenge, if he beats one particular boy then that boy has to make him a treat and vice versa. The boy said his treat would probably be a PB and J and Landon thought that was pretty hilarious. His ability to learn and desire to learn the Articles of Faith warms my heart and gives me such hope for his future. One of the things I want for this sweet child of God is for him to know he is precious to his Heavenly Father and to have a testimony of that to guide him through the troubles that life will bring. Landon loves taking the kids yoga class at the Y, he loves playing, he loves little children, he is into having us read chapter books, audio books, the Moana soundtrack, eating salads like his daddy, singing, and doing service. His idea of service is taking bread and cookies to neighbors which I'm totally on board with. I love that he has a desire to do something to brighten someone's day.
Kayley has finally decided to be potty trained and is great at taking care of business herself. She has memorized 9/13 articles of faith like Landon but prefers to sing them in her sweet voice with her puckered lips. She and Landon love to fight and play together and she definitely tries to convince him to play animals with her. My favorite thing about Kayley right now is that she will sing the Articles of faith to anyone that will listen and let her sing. She loves to pretend to be different Pokemon and sometimes Nagini from Harry Potter. She loves giving kisses to Carson, loves to have Tyler braid her hair, she loves playing outside, eating, yup, she eats constantly, and still loves her thumb. She is also loving that she can tell on Landon and tells him that a lot.
Carson is the baby and full of independence. He falls multiple times a day but gets over his bruises pretty quickly. He is so little he just can't run as fast or climb as well as the older kids so injuries happen frequently. He loves to talk to Alexa, our Echo and will go and yell AH AH at her when he wants music or wants to show off to visitors. He will shake his head no for everything and yell no when he doesn't and sometimes does want something. We are working on the yes. He goes into Childwatch with no problem, he loves chasing balls, throwing, eating veggie straws, headbutting, and doing whatever the big kids are doing. His favorite thing now is to dip whatever he's eating in whatever sauce is available. He also likes putting buckets on his head.
What do I do in Evansville?
I love going to the Y here, I know the YMCA isn't always a nice place in some parts of the country but I have to say that the Midwest has amazing YMCA's. The ones here are pretty nice and I love the classes and the people at them. It is also so religious and Christian based. My soul rejoices in this. I love walking down by the river, and being outside with the kids. Life is pretty good, and first year of residency hasn't been bad at all and I can say I haven't had a moment yet where I feel like it has been hard. Maybe I have and I don't remember and Tyler can correct me here. Haha. We are looking forward to summer and the splash pad and more zoo visits, and having friends move here!